Friday, September 9, 2011

Our politicians and the reason they are idiots

Our dear political leaders couldn't lead their way out of a paper sack with a GPS. They're so busy trying to impress each other and prove their "solution to the problems" is the only ONE. By the time they get done, the whole world will fall apart. The white man took America from the Indians and the politicians are going to give it to the Chinese.

The seniors

 All seniors like to do things without someone knocking us out and taking our money,  because they don't have anything better to do, these people need to get a job and leave us seniors alone, because some of my friends get robbed by gun point and i remember when i got robbed and i almost ran after the person but i let the police take care of it.

High cost of vetranarians

My cat is in the hospital. He got sick yesterday. I had to make a down payment of $500. This is more than half my monthly income. Many people have their pets put down because they cant't afford the vet bill. Even that would cost a lot. Please pray for my cat. I love him.